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The real goal is to be able to use your money to do the things you truly want to do, like retire with dignity, spend free time with family, and give to other people and worthy causes. Many educators are already working hard to bring this kind of understanding to millions of students nationwide.

Every year, thousands of graduates go through our middle school and high school personal finance curriculum, Foundations in Personal Finance , and gain financial literacy skills that empower them for a lifetime of money success. We love that so many young people are picking up these essential skills and habits! Are you a teacher? If so, check out Ramsey Education to learn more about how you can equip your students with financial confidence! Back Home. Back Get Started. Back Shows. Back Classes. Back Live Events. Back Tools.

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Then, make the next step to start planning what it will take for you to get there. If even the idea of talking about money with your spouse is making you break out in a cold sweat, consider starting with a letter. Each writing a short note about your money stresses and goals, then swapping, might make things a bit less scary.

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And with the most common overspending complaint for families falling under groceries and dining out, getting control of your food budget could be the first step to freeing up some cash for your other goals. Now, we all need to eat.

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But do we need to eat takeout twice a week? Do we need to buy food we will ultimately throw out as waste? Definitely not. And that is just at the consumer level! Simplify meal planning by sticking to easy, healthy meals you know your family loves. Only buy in bulk when you know you will use the product or when you can share with a neighbor or friend. Or do you pay more than you need to for the things you buy? Try questioning every expense for the month and see what things you could go without.

Even skipping a few costs, like borrowing that extra-large duffel bag from a friend for a trip instead of buying a new one, adds dollars to your wallet and moves you closer to your goals. Groceries, cleaning supplies, a phone charger with a worn-out cord.

Financial literacy - Wikipedia

When it comes to these non-negotiables, make sure you are getting the best price. Ibotta can give you cash back on groceries while Ebates offers cash rebates at hundreds of online retailers. It scans for price changes on items you buy online and gets you a refund if prices drop! Technology has made it easier than ever to maintain a household budget. Budget services like Mint and Personal Capital are entirely free!

So, why do less than one-third of Americans maintain a budget? And that can make a huge difference. Because saving just a small amount can go a long way. Are your friends always going out for fancy brunch or complaining about not being able to make ends meet? It might be time to find your financially savvy tribe. Luckily, in the time of the internet, it has never been easier to find your people. Find a group of people driving towards similar goals and motivate each other.

How's Your Money Health? Download our quick financial health checklist and see where you stand! The benefits of financial literacy are far-reaching. Money permeates all aspects of our lives. The more we understand the financial world we live in, the less stress we face.

What Do You Need to Know About Financial Literacy?

The less we argue with our spouses. The more likely it is we can raise self-sufficient, financially savvy kids. Commit to do at least one thing to improve your financial health. Because every incremental improvement pays dividends. Here is a great list of some of the best finance podc asts. So besides books and online publications, you can totally get involved in a financial literacy class or course. Whether that is at an online school, college course, adult education center, etc. This is if you feel you want to go a step further or need the structure to learn.

Many are paid, but there are some free courses online that can be a great educator. Brush up on some math or look into some basic formulas that can help you organize your money, savings percentages, etc.

I know spreadsheets can make this easier or software will do the math for you. I know, some of you may have a slight distrust of the government, yadda yadda, tin foil hats, big brother is listening, etc. Okay, all that aside the government does have some useful resources to try and get you to learn more about personal finance. More information is on the Treasury website with other resource links. A big challenge for many Americans, is we have a consumer mentality. Now that you got a full breakdown, do you want to put your current knowledge to the test?

There are some financial literacy tests out there, here is one that might be worth trying. Not only will you know so much more, but your future finances will thank you. Self-educated on personal finance and investing. He's passionate about financial freedom, investing, side hustles, and helping others realize they too can transform their finances. Your email address will not be published.

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