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  1. 10 Essential Microsoft Excel Tips for Beginners |
  2. Excel 2010 Tutorial
  3. Open Excel Starter and take a look around
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  5. 10 Essential Microsoft Excel 2010 Tips for Beginners

In this case, we will put the average in column E. Click and drag to select cells B2 C2 and D2 3. The formula should have extended throughout all of column E to insert the average of each student and the class average. Select cells E2-E17 and format the cells so that they are rounded to 2 decimal places.

Now we will use Excel to help show us which students have passed and which have failed. Select cell F2 2. The formula should extend throughout column F to complete which students have passed or failed. Now we will use Conditional Formatting to visually highlight who has failed.

Click and drag on cell F2 all the way to cell F16 2. Hit OK 5. Now all the Fail grades should be highlighted in red. Scatterplot Graph 1. Highlight data and titles required. Select Scatter from the Charts section. Click scatterplot type needed 5. After the scatterplot graph shows up, click on the graph and move it to desired place on the spreadsheet. Line Graph 1. Data from Test 1, Test 2, and Test 3 for each student should be highlighted. Select Line from the Charts section. Click which line graph type is needed 5. After the line graph shows up, click on the graph and move it to desired place on the spreadsheet.

Bar Graph 1. Select Bar from the Charts section.

10 Essential Microsoft Excel Tips for Beginners |

Click which bar graph type needed. How to Add Titles: 1. Select a graph by clicking on it.

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Click on the Layout tab. Click on the Chart Title box.

Excel 2010 Tutorial

Select which type of title is needed. A text box should appear above the selected graph. Axis Titles: 1. A text box should appear next to the Y or X axis of the selected graph 4.

Open Excel Starter and take a look around

When using Charts or Graphs in Excel, swapping the X and Y axis can drastically change the appearance of the graphs. Such as by filtering users data by country, filtering user by age, adding conditional formulas in big data, etc. Related: — Importance of web analytics for your business website. Many online and offline companies and clients making it mandatory for virtual and offline staff to maintain their daily progress report.

It is not only beneficial for employees but also for companies to track daily progress report. You can create a table with Date, Time, Client, Task, Duration, and status according to demand from clients or manager. Also, the daily progress report is very beneficial for students and teachers.

But all start by learning and execution. When you learn to excel, you learn the management of daily life. In daily life, there are various things that need to be calculated. Shopping, learning, entertainment, and expenses all such small things need to manage. Microsoft Excel knowledge will help you to get a job.

Because as I discussed above there are almost all small and medium businesses use Excel in their daily official works. Career Development is more about career management. Time management, learning management, work, and life management and goal-oriented habits are very important.

What is Microsoft Excel?

Such things you can learn in excel. Such as if you learned today about Conditional formatting then create a table with Date, Topic and Satisfaction level. This is very beneficial because then you can understand your daily learning outcomes and the effects of knowledge on you. Such kind of learning management is very important.

Because it happens to me often when we learn something on the internet or on blogs because of different conclusions and we often forget about the main points. The 1st method is that define what you want, before googling. For example, you want to create monthly expenses report in excel then type this same line in Google and you will get tutorials. Follow the steps and you will do it. Because then you can learn everything stepwise. Conclusions: — The more you learn about excel the more you develop the ways to use excel in your daily life. Understand your duty as a student because learning is more important for you then entertainment in life.

How useful was this post? Click on a star to rate it! As you found this post useful Please share on social media! We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! Let us improve this post! These little icons let you perform very common Excel functions like adding or deleting rows in the worksheet or freezing panes, etc.

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If you want to customize the ribbon interface, i. By default, it shows you the popular commands, but you can click on the dropdown to see all the possible options for different tabs. Also, one option I really like is choosing Commands Not in the Ribbon from the dropdown. This is the default number that every Excel workbook starts off with.

This is where you can perform many common tasks such as opening a workbook, creating a new one, printing and more. The best way to learn anything is to actually do something useful and Excel is the best example of this! Sounds like a simple problem and it is once you get the formula in your head! In Excel, the columns are labeled starting from A and continuing to Z and beyond. A cell is simply a particular row number and column, i. A1 is the very first cell in an Excel worksheet.

10 Essential Microsoft Excel 2010 Tips for Beginners

The grid is now nicely centered with all the data directly underneath the headings. Click on cell A1 and drag the mouse while holding the button down to cell D1. Right click and select Format Cells. Now there are two options you have at this point. This floating menu is kind of a popular options toolbar that lets you quickly change the font, change the text size, format the cell as money or percentage, lets you change the background or font color and add borders to the cell.

If you have to do some more advanced formatting not available in the quick toolbar, then go ahead and open the dialog. In the Format Cells dialog, click on the Patterns tab and select a color from the palette. I chose yellow to make it distinct.