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Into the main room it carried her, ignoring the kicking and thrashing Selene put up — no, rather it held her aloft as if entertained by her spirit. In the room the din rose in clarity, just as the visage of her captor did. Its muzzle was scarred and rugged, a veteran master of the maze who had no doubt slain countless heroes undaunted. A chest forged by battle both with humans and with beasts followed into its hard abdomen and haunches thick as oaks.

Between its legs hung its bullish member, black as coal with a flared fleshy head, swaying more than halfway down to its knees. Selene breathed in its foul breath, and she knew right then she had no choice to run any longer. Her dress was no protection for her.

The bull caught the shoulder of it with its sharpened horn and tore it from her chest with a flick to the side. It grasped her torso, thumbing over her modest tit nearly completely just with that single digit. The pads of its fingers were coarse, yet softer than the matted fur covering the rest of its shaggy body.

The beast grunted and pushed Selene against the stone wall, pinning her and pawing over her helpless body.

THE RiNG: HELL TO PLAY Erotic Horror, Intense Pussy Play, Thrusting, Bj

This was no foreplay. It petted down her form as if inspecting her, like a farmer assessing the health of his cattle. The irony only made its touch all the more humiliating to her, and despite herself she moistened its fingers when they spread her legs. It was due to its cock, now half-erect and dragging along her inner thigh slowly.

Like the softest leather it stalked up her smooth skin as its core hardened like bone. The room overflowed with the evidence of what such a weapon would do to a woman. Their gaping, ruined pussies stretched open beyond what they were meant for, gushing out a flood of monstrous spunk that flooded the stone floor with pools of thick cream. The virgins bled, and many others besides, from those bullish cocks. And now she would too. The crowned head burned against her skin, and she trembled thinking of it pushing inside her.

Knowing that it would.

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Her eyes snapped open as it stepped forward and began to thrust. Pain shot through her very core. The cock was not meant for human women — a bullish cock meant only to mate with beasts of the field. But the Minotaur lusted for only her flesh, her human pussy, a pussy that stained and stretched to its limit simply to endure the first push of its insatiable bulk. Selene found her gripping its fur and pushing away, her knees coming up against its hard abs to assist just like countless girls before her, and found she could not escape.

The bull pushed, and she could only yield and scream as it ruined her tight cunt, inch by inch. After an eternity it seemed, she felt it begin to fuck her. Its thickness strained her while the sliding veined piston teased every ridge and wall of her pussy. The pain persisted, especially when its hips jerked up and forced another half an inch into her belly. Every time it pulled out she felt only emptiness in its wake, a relief soon snuffed out by its inevitable rough return.

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It grunted low fucking her, and she tried to bite back the gasps and moans as the beast had its way with her. She refused as best she could, but found herself clinging to the beast instead of pushing away. Her little hands wrapped around its heaving chest, holding onto its coarse fur on either side as it rutted into her human cunt. She looked out over its broad shoulder and her eyes fell onto a bestial mating beyond the depravity of the others. Another former sacrifice rode atop a white-maned bull, head rolled back in the throes of ecstasy and mouth agape in a throaty howl.

She was cumming for the beast, her pale pussy stretched taut over the bullish cock buried itself deep into her tight belly. Her tight, round belly. Selene gasped for breath.

Manual The Monsters Breeding Hell (Erotic Horror)

The woman was pregnant. She was pregnant from one of these monsters. A Minotaur had fucked her and impregnated her with its bestial seed. The aliens are killed, all except the alien Bill. Entering the spaceship, the posse finds that all the human male captives are unconscious but still alive, including Bill; the men are each hooked up to some kind of apparatus that helps the aliens become their captives while living in faux human shells.

The posse begins to disconnect the captives. Shortly before his faux human body is destroyed, the alien Bill broadcasts a warning to his people that they've been discovered by the humans. Thereafter, a fleet of alien spaceships is seen leaving Earth space, they must seek out humanoid females elsewhere now that their breeding plan on Earth has been discovered.

Both director Gene Fowler Jr. With I Married a Monster from Outer Space, both had some creative freedom, although Vittes was notoriously resistant to any changes to his script, to the annoyance of the leads. On September 10, , the film premiered in Los Angeles , followed by its U. Upon its release, I Married a Monster from Outer Space proved to be a hit with audiences and critics. Despite its modest budget and unpretentious production values, the film was ideal filler for drive-in audiences.

Slated as the A film in a double feature with The Blob , I Married a Monster from Outer Space was relegated to the bottom of the playbill because audiences preferred the intriguing full color monster feature over this monochromatic , more sombre, domestic invasion entry. Due to its exploitative and sensationalized title, I Married a Monster from Outer Space has long been ignored by critics and film historians, although it received respectable reviews, both in contemporary and in reviews.

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  • Variety's review wrote, "Fowler's direction, while sometimes slow, latches onto mounting suspense as action moves to climax. He gets the benefit of outstanding special photographic effects from John P. Fulton , which aid in maintaining interest. The film is recognized by American Film Institute in these lists: Extraterrestrials in fiction An extraterrestrial or alien is any extraterrestrial lifeform. The word extraterrestrial means "outside Earth"; the first published use of extraterrestrial as a noun occurred in , during the Golden Age of Science Fiction.

    Extraterrestrials are a common theme in modern science-fiction , appeared in much earlier works such as the second-century parody True History by Lucian of Samosata. Gary Westfahl writes: Science fiction aliens are both metaphors and real possibilities.

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    One can probe the nature of humanity with aliens that by contrast illustrate and comment upon human nature. Still, as evidenced by widespread belief in alien visitors and efforts to detect extraterrestrial radio signals, humans crave companionship in a vast, cold universe and aliens may represent hopeful, compensatory images of the strange friends we have been unable to find.

    Thus, aliens will remain a central theme in science fiction until we encounter them. Cosmic pluralism, the assumption that there are many inhabited worlds beyond the human sphere predates modernity and the development of the heliocentric model and is common in mythologies worldwide. The 2nd century writer of satires, Lucian , in his True History claims to have visited the moon when his ship was sent up by a fountain, peopled and at war with the people of the Sun over colonisation of the Morning Star. Other worlds are depicted in such early works as the 10th-century Japanese narrative, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter , the medieval Arabic The Adventures of Bulukiya ; the assumption of extraterrestrial life in the narrow sense becomes possible with the development of the heliocentric understanding of the solar system, the understanding of interstellar space, during the Early Modern period, the topic was popular in the literature of the 17th and 18th century.

    Monster erotica

    In Johannes Kepler's Somnium , published in , the character Duracotus is transported to the moon by demons. If much of the story is fantasy , the scientific facts about the moon and how the lunar environment has shaped its non-human inhabitants are science fiction; the didactic poet Henry More took up the classical theme of Cosmic pluralism of the Greek Democritus in "Democritus Platonissans, or an Essay Upon the Infinity of Worlds".

    The possibility of extraterrestrial life was a commonplace of educated discourse in the 17th century, though in Paradise Lost John Milton cautiously employed the conditional when the angel suggests to Adam the possibility of life on the Moon: Her spots thou seest As clouds, clouds may rain, rain produce Fruits in her softened soil, for some to eat Allotted there. In Voltaire published "Micromegas" that told of a giant that visits earth to impart knowledge and Washington Irving in his novel, A History of New York from the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty, spoke of earth being visited by Lunarians.

    Stories written before the genre of science fiction had found its form. Closer to the modern age is J. Authors such as H. Wells , Olaf Stapledon and Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote both monitory and celebratory stories of encounting aliens in their science fiction and fantasies. Westfahl sums up: "To survey science fiction aliens, one can classify them by their physiology and eventual relationships with humanity": Early works posited that aliens would be identical or similar to humans, as is true of Edgar Rice Burroughs's Martians, with variations in skin color and number of arms Writers realized that such humanoid aliens would not arise through parallel evolution and hence either avoided them or introduced the explanation of ancient races that populated the cosmos with similar beings; the notion surfaces in Ursula K.

    Another common idea is aliens who resemble animals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Erotic literature involving monsters. Business Insider. Retrieved 22 December Representations, Vol. Criticism, Vol. Philosophy of Horror: Or, Paradoxes of the Heart.

    Routledge, p. House race. HuffPost , July 30, USA Today November 7, Horror fiction. Internet Speculative Fiction Database. Comics Films Magazines Television programs Video games survival. Category Portal. Categories : Erotic literature Fiction about monsters Horror genres Rape in fiction. Hidden categories: Articles with short description. Sheridan Le Fanu. Related Images. YouTube Videos.


    Depictions often portray them as a missing link between humans and human-ancestors. A photo of an unidentified animal that the Bigfoot Field Research Organization claims is a "juvenile Sasquatch". The Allegory of Immortality by Giulio Romano , c.